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Posts tagged with ‘designer’

  • DesignCrowd hires designers for you

    By Stefy on October 18, 2014
      DesignCrowd  ,the world’s #1 custom design marketplace , offers every day jobs for more than 400,000+ designers and T-shirt lovers.  How does this huge designers marketplace work ? The idea is simple : If you are a T-shirt company you can hire a bunch […]
  • Fine art designs and illustrations by Kelly McKernan

    By Oana on October 17, 2014
    Kelly McKernan is a fine artist and illustrator from Atlanta, Georgia, currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. Kelly is a graduate with a degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts from Kennesaw State University, with a concentration in drawing and painting. Kelly’s work examines personal […]
  • Artist of the day – illustrator and animation designer George Bletsis

    By Oana on October 6, 2014
    Animation designer and illustrator George Bletsis studied animation, and gained his BA (Hons) in 2006. He’s been working as a freelancer for Film, TV, print and games industries. His clients include The Financial Times,The Independent, BBC, IE Music, CFSL Press. He keeps his work looking […]
  • Artist of the day – Zuco

    By Oana on September 29, 2014
    Character design from Zuco Very nice example of finely drawn character design, based on shapes and geometric symmetry. Zuco makes you think of distant, alien planets; it’s a game and cartoon all at the same time. It’s the perfect refresher when you get […]
  • Hard Times Clothing – mythology, wildlife and tattoos

    By Oana on September 2, 2014
    Hard Times Clothing Limited is an English clothing company from Hertfordshire, established in 2011. It has collaborated with some of the most talented of artists to build an astoundingly diverse clothing company. Don’t be fooled however, this company has had its fair share of ‘hard times’, but […]
  • T-shirt design illustrator – The art of Brian Allen

    By Oana on August 27, 2014
    T-shirt design illustrator – The artworks of Brian Allen Brian Allen lives and works as a freelance artist and t-shirt design illustrator in the State College / Bellefonte region of Pennsylvania.  He create artwork in two very different styles:  light and dark, which is […]
  • Nijah Lefevre aka Pinatha – Artist of the Day

    By Barkone on July 23, 2014
    Nijah Lefevre is the Artist of the Day Nijah Lefevre aka Pinatha, our artist of the day is an young illustrator, designer and architect based in Monterrey, Mexico. Since he was a kid Nijah was fascinated by magical figures and mythical creatures found in fairy […]
  • Mighty Short – T-shirt Illustrator

    By Barkone on July 21, 2014
    Mighty Short Illustrator Davy Le Chevance aka Mighty Short is a very talented french illustrator, t-shirt illustrator and art director who has a large portfolio of commercial work with some of the most famous clients (Nike , Neff Headwear, Hummel , Grimey Wear , […]
  • Anna Johnstone – New artist obsession

    By Oana on May 28, 2014
    Anna Johnstone Illustrator Anna Johnstone is a classic case of a passionate, dedicated designer. She is a freelance graphic artist, that does character development, illustration, murals and painting commissions, based in Wellington, New Zealand. Here are some character illustrations from her point of view, very […]
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