Taco T-shirts from Mr Vintage

Mr Vintage – The Lucky Taco T-shirts

Mr Vintage – The Lucky Taco T-shirts

Mr Vintage, the exquisite t-shirt apparel from New Zealand , has prepared an awesome surprise for its customers. We’ve already presented Mr Vintage brand in our previous post here. This apparel specializes in selling NZ iconic moments and brands. This time they mixed together food and clothes.

The Lucky Taco T-shirts

Their newest project is called The Lucky Taco and it has in the center of attention a NZ company that sells tacos. The idea of creating a food truck that sells tacos came from two passionate home cooks. Inspired by dozens of food trucks all over the world, this two cooks managed to bring this idea to New Zealand : super cool, funky eateries on wheels.

It’s a small business , but it’s full of inspiration and most of all , it’s delicious. They also had the crazy idea to combine food and t-shirts. This is how a partnership was developed between The Lucky Taco and Mr Vintage apparel.  Mr Vintage is now selling aprons,t-shirts and hoodies for those who love a well spiced taco.  If you’re from NZ or you’re heading that way , remember to visit Sarah and Otis shop on 230 Ponsonby Road.  Now , let’s see what you can wear while enjoying a taco meal.

Tortillas Taco T-shirts

The Lucky Taco T-shirts Mr Vintage

Apron Mr Vintage

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