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  • Start a successful online t-shirt business with Merch by Amazon Training

    By Barkone on March 22, 2018
    Get the right Merch by Amazon Training The print on demand industry is quickly growing every day on many platforms. But it seems that the road to success is directed by a new one – Merch by Amazon. It allows anyone to join, if a few requirements are met. So, getting the right Merch by Amazon Training is paramount. Merch by Amazon focuses […]
  • Animated Vectors – Video tutorial

    By Oana on August 20, 2014
    Animated Vectors Tutorial For all vector nuts, here is a free tutorial of Animated Vectors on the integration between Illustrator and After Effects CS6. There are only 6 keyframes for an apparition, and it is independent from the number of elements of your object. Click here for the full tutorial. Learn to animate easily an Illustrator file with After Effects CS6, creating a […]
  • Graphite Illustration by Brian Cook

    By Oana on July 24, 2014
    Graphite Illustration by Brian Cook Graphite Illustration at Threadless . Watch this graphite illustration which is more a video tutorial for all with a passion for Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel or you are just learning the first steps in how to add shadows and the right colours.Very useful and a lot of details can be watched in this video. This is a time […]
  • Photoshop tip: CMYK color separation for process printing

    By Oana on June 13, 2014
    This a very useful tutorial on how to make halftone color separations for four color process printing in Adobe Photoshop. These are just some simple tips and for further insight you can also check out this video. For a very detailed process of CMYK color separation we recommend you check out this description of every step in the article from Graphic […]
  • Ivan Belikov illustration process

    By Oana on February 25, 2014
    Ivan Belikov is a Freelance illustrator, from Chelyabinsk, Russia. Fan of beasts, feathers and grass, Ivan is a master of details, fur texture with a unique style. The subject of the video is a personal series of illustration about social networks. Maybe you already know, but in Russia VKontakte is a serious competitor for Facebook. And as some of my Russian friends […]
  • Ugmonk t-shirt brand by Jeff Sheldon

    By Oana on August 23, 2013
    Ugmonk by Jeff Sheldon from Ugmonk on Vimeo. What started as a creative outlet for Jeff Sheldon to design products that fit his taste, quickly grew into a full-blown design brand and family business. Jeff’s approach to Ugmonk focuses on producing small batches of quality products with a simple design aesthetic and intense attention to detail. In this video Jeff discusses the […]
  • T-World 7 – the next episode

    By Barkone on September 7, 2011
    In a fresh new format at his seventh issue, T-world journal made an amazing documentary about influences of New York upon simple t-shirts, and how the streets can be unique inspiration as an art form for lots of famous artists. The T-World Journal T-world 7: New York tee-ser from T-world on Vimeo.
  • TexJet DTG printing machine from PolyPrint

    By Barkone on September 7, 2011
    For about one and a half year ago we  bought a DTG printing machine called TexJet from Polyprint company , a DTG printing machine that we  hoped to satisfy our Romanian customers with our graphics on some acceptable prices .Indeed the  print quality is not up yet to the screen printing technology , but very important is the fact that the pre press part disappeared completely , so if you want to offer a wide range of models but do not want to make  big stocks with printed t-shirts […]
  • Vector tattoo heart speed painting tutorial !

    By Barkone on September 27, 2008
    Vector tattoo heart speed painting tutorial     We made this speed painting movie like some kind of tutorial, for our customers to understand better how our products are made off. This is why in this “How is made” category we will try to post one movie per week of some of our products from vector packs. We hope this […]