Designer of the week – Doniel Worx

This week’s favorite graphic tees prints from Doniel Worx

There are designs that you shouldn’t analyse too much to realize they are meant to be on a t-shirt. You know the feeling, many of us choose a graphic tees that way – it’s just cool and I want to wear it with very pair of jeans I have.

That’s the same feeling I got when looking at Doniel Worx profile, on the Tshirt Factory site. The designs just go so well on apparel that much explanation about the underlining messages are futile. I will let you judge for yourself, and maybe come to the same conclusion: a t-shirt is for a relaxed, casual mood, and that’s what Doniel Worx does in terms of design style.

OANA: Please tell us more about your art and design background. What made you become a designer?

DONIEL WORX: Initially I was not too fond of graphic design. But, my uncle took the initiative to teach me from scratch, and I learned for about 4 years. Since then I have been doing it on my own.


OANA: How or when did you start illustrating on a professional level?

DONIEL WORX: I started working professionally in early 2013.

OANA: Where does your inspiration come from?

DONIEL WORX: My inspiration comes from the works of others that I admire. But, I can not mention them, because I do not know their names, there have been so many. Including the work of my own uncle, which I also admire.

Dream-Catcher-T-shirt-template-20012 Hard-To-Kill-T-shirt-design-19129 graphic tee

OANA: How would you describe your style?

DONIEL WORX: As far as style is concerned, I am actually leaning more towards typography. But, sometimes I make illustrations, as you can see in my Tshirt Factory page.

OANA: What tools you use? Do you go 100% digital or is there paper involved?

DONIEL WORX: Mostly, I prefer to work directly in digital format, because it can work faster. But sometimes I also use sketsa.

OANA: Is there anything that you specifically avoid using in your illustrations?

DONIEL WORX: Yes, I haven’t made any images of living creatures, because my religion forbids me to create any kinds of living creatures, just inanimate objects.

OANA: What was the hardest job/illustration you have ever worked on?

DONIEL WORX: Actually, it is not difficult, as long as there is a willingness to make such things.


OANA: Can you name some of your favorite designs and why?(personal or from other designers)

DONIEL WORX: I like the art of Dan Mumford, Christopher Lovell, Nicolo Nimor, because their work has a certain uniqueness.

OANA: Any words of advice for anyone just starting out as an illustrator/graphic designer?

DONIEL WORX: Hard work, passion, don’t let yourself get bored easily and never quickly surrendered. Keep trying and do not forget to persevere patiently and also pray. And also make others see your works, in order to be an inspiration.

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