Adobe Photoshop alternatives

Try these 5 Adobe Photoshop alternatives. For free!

Adobe Photoshop is a marvelous software for experienced designers. It comes with many useful tools like retouching, resizing or adjusting.  Photoshop is definitely an industry-leading raster, but no worries, you have plenty free Adobe Photoshop alternatives. Especially if you are a casual user, Photoshop may seem quite impractical or overwhelming. So, either you need some promotional material for your store, or maybe some professional looking photos or banners, we`ve got your back! Look at these options:

Adobe Photoshop alternatives


As the name itself speaks for it, Photopea not only that looks like Photoshop, but it also has many of its features.  You have plenty of templates and pre-made sizes to choose from. It`s very suitable for both Photoshop users and total graphic design newcomers.

You can use it for: photo editing, social media graphics, DTG, sublimation, poster & canvas printing.

Cons: ruler provided only in.px, Small delay on the Brush tool

best free adobe photoshop alternatives

2. Gimp

The perfect software for editing small files and creating simple designs is here! Very user friendly, Gimp gained a strong community of users. And, as a bonus, it works with Windows, macOS and Linux as well.

You can use it for: sublimation, photo editing, UV printing, sublimation, poster & canvas printing.

Cons: different UI than Photoshop, the brush tool isn`t very smooth and it isn`t very suitable for professional designers.

adobe photoshop alternatives


Suitable for creating seamless all-over print patterns.  It’s great for basic photo editing and it has a highly customizable Brush tool.  Also, it has easy hotkeys that can be changed.

You can use it for:  DTG, Canvas printing, Sublimation, UV printing, Photo editing.

Cons: lags when working with very large files, different UI than Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop alternatives


Canva`s free toolkit is quite extensive. Also, their paid plans offer even more editing possibilities. It’s great for designing posters. It also lets you post your creations straight to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social networks.

You can use it for: Social media graphics, Poster & Canvas printing

Cons: limited choice of fonts, being also a service you can pay for, it has many “locked” features for the free version.

Adobe Photoshop alternatives

5. Inkscape

Inkscape is a vector editing software and it take things to the next level.  You can create print files of any size, because vectors are made of objects such as lines, curves, and polygons. Designs created on vector editors can be resized without damaging their quality. That means that can serve you both for small prints, as well as bigger ones. IncScapes Measure tools also make it a handy program for creating embroidery designs.

You can use it for: DTG, Embroidery, poster & canvas printing, sublimation, UV printing

Cons: different hotkeys than Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop alternatives

As a conclusion

The first step is to determine what you want the software to do. Our suggestion is to look no further than Photopea, Gimp, Krita, and InkScape if you need print designs.  For posters and canvas designs, check for Canva. As for editing pictures Krita, Photopea, or Gimp will do the job. The world of editing is wide and colorful, especially if you`re using the right tool. So feel free to try one or all of them.  Which of these resources works best for you? Drop us a line!

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