Fabricio Marques – Illustrations in a Nutshell

Fabricio Rosa Marques is an an artist from Berlin. He is an interface designer by day and an illustrator by night. His illustrations range from superhero characters doing funny stuff to simple characters and objects. His drawings are inspirational because he uses his creative skill to communicate a story, message or idea. You can see that he adjusts the mood and style of his illustrations accordingly, so he can express a joyful feeling with every drawing.

Fabric8 is posting a new sketch every day, and with every sketch he creates a whimsical mood even if you don’t look directly at it. His art attracts and directs attention in a deliberate set way (but it doesn’t demand attention), and it communicates a deliberate message if you do pay direct attention to it. The artist managed to add his own personality and character to his drawings, creating wonderful illustrations.

Apart from that he also designs simple & small illustrations/icons with a bit of movement in them. He also added a couple of build-up animations to various objects in order to create an amazing illustration slide. The unique thing about these moving illustrations is the perspective which I consider absolutely amazing. Here are some examples of his animated work.



Long story short, Fabricio Marques is an amazing illustrator and you can see all his work on Dribble or either by visiting his website : Fabric8Don’t forget to add him on Instagram as he is definitely a artist you would want to follow. Click on the image below to go directly on his Instagram page.


Now let’s check out some of his illustrations and don’t forget that he is currently looking for freelance projects so feel free to drop him a line.

Superhero Illustrations by Fabric8


Darth Vader


Iron man





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