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New Everyday’s Objects Illustrations – Ilovedoodle

Everyday’s Objects Having a Conversation

We already talked about Lim Heng Swee a.k.a. Ilovedoodle in our previous post here, where we covered some of his Everyday’s objects illustrations. Today I am glad to tell you that he is back with a conversation series drawings that will definitely crack you up. Lego pieces hugging each other, an envelope and a mail stamp declaring their love for each other, an airplane apologizing for hurting a cloud and many more. Ilovedoodle keeps on drawing this wonderful illustrations that never stop to amaze you. You can see that every drawing that he does is with passions and joy and this can be seen in his reputation as an artist. His artworks are one of the bestseller at Etsy, not to mention all the collaborations that he already had with big names like Gap, Nike, Threadless and etc.

He is definitely someone you would want to follow on Instagram so here is the link to his official page:

everyday's objects


You can say that Lim Heng Swee always heard his drawings talking to each other so let’s see some of the conversations that he managed to record with his drawings:

Everyday's objects

Everyday's objects

Everyday's objects


Swiss army knife

Soda cans


Everyday's objects




Everyday's objects


img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-32339″ src=”” alt=”Oreo much” width=”605″ height=”600″ />





Comfort zone


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