James Bennett – Fine illustration

James Bennett is a well known illustrator artist from Pennsylvania. His work has become an important part of the US illustration culture once he has received recognition from the Society of Illustrators.  Since then, his art has been a tremendous inspiration for magazines and newspapers like : The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, Business Week, Readers Digest, The L.A Times and many more.

James Bennett’s illustrations include: portraits, editorials and sketches. Always using a touch of humor in his illustrations, James Bennett managed to impress dozens of US citizens. He is also known abroad, especially for his love for portraits and awesome editorials.

Today, I chose a new project from his portfolio called ”Animals Fun” . The project consists of several illustrations where animals are having a good time. It’s always awesome to illustrate animals, but how James do it is called fine illustration. The animals look lively,energetic and I would definitely like hanging out with them.

Let’s check out a part of his portfolio. Feel free to follow James Bennett’s Behance profile to see all his collections.

James Bennett-Animals Fun Project

Animals Fun - Fine illustration

Dancing Frog- James Bennett

Pig having fun- James Bennett illustration

Another frog- Fine illustration

Duck Family illustration

Little duck - James Bennett

Fine illustration from James Bennett

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