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  • T-shirt Season is officially here!

    By Oana on March 16, 2017
     DesignByHumans apparel sale : 15% off and FREE SHIPPING Was there really a competition between Threadless and DesignbyHumans? I always thought that the stage is big enough for both of them to reach their respective public. Because I do think that they feature […]
  • Video Games themed ugly sweaters + Star Wars coupon code

    By Oana on December 6, 2016
    One thing I really like to geek out about on Christmas as far as clothes is concerned are ugly sweaters. How did grandma’s bad knitting come about to become so popular especially among the younger generation is beyond me. These patterns are printed […]
  • Father’s Day Gifts from TruffleShuffle, Spreadshirt, CafePress and more

    By Oana on June 10, 2016
     A short guide to Father’s Day gifts Father’s Day is getting closer and closer and great deals are popping up everywhere, from our social media news feeds, to newsletters and, honestly, everywhere else. Just so you know, in most countries (such as UK, […]
  • NEW: DesignByHumans Stickers!

    By Oana on November 2, 2015
    DesignByHumans Stickers! You may well know by now that DesignByHumans is one of the largest t-shirt sites in the world, that supports and encourages designers to create artwork which they can eventually sell in their own online DesignByHumans shop. They are doing a […]
  • Top 10 DesignbyHumans Christmas t-shirts

    By Oana on December 9, 2014
    DesignbyHumans have some of the best t-shirts, no doubt about it, at a very good price, considering that many a times they have offered free shipping  or other perks for special occasions. Because I am sure you are thinking about what presents to buy, […]
  • T-shirt promotions – RedBubble and DesignByHumans

    By Oana on November 6, 2014
    T-shirt promotions – RedBubble and DesignByHumans There are two major t-shirt promotions going on at the moment, that I know you want to take advantage of as fast as possible, so here it goes: The first one comes from RedBubble, which is offerring a […]
  • Win a FREE Wardrobe of Graphic T-Shirts at DesignByHumans

    By Oana on April 29, 2013
    Spreeify lets people enter to win and shop for hand-curated delectables. Check out the promotions, find the latest product and participate by sharing. You have to hit the tipping point – you can also add your comments – or you can shop for brands […]
  • 25% off on EVERYTHING at DesignbyHumans

    By Oana on March 21, 2013
    Head over to DesignbyHumans where you will get 25% off on t-shirt designs on the site, using the coupon code SPRING13! Pretty intense week of discounts for both DesignbyHumans and Threadless. Who do you choose?
  • Cool t-shirt of the day #81

    By Oana on March 6, 2013
    They”ve been taunting me really hard lately,  the fine and talented people that are submitting designs to DesignbyHumans. Today”s cool t-shirt is quite impressive and keeps the bar high with the others. I just love it and you can get it here .
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