NASA t-shirts

Let`s celebrate Moon Landing 50th Anniversary with these out-of-this world NASA t-shirts

This summer is crowded with spaced-themed events, as we honor first humanity steps made on the Moon, by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.  So, NASA t-shirts are definitely a hit for the nation.

On July 16, 1969, the crew of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission launched on an audacious adventure.  Four days later, on July 20, Armstrong and Aldrin landed a small spaceship on the lunar surface. They planted their boots into the ground along with an American flag. Seems like, this operation represented the U.S. accomplishing a seemingly impossible goal. Also, it placed the US as a global leader in science and technology.

Therefore, fifty years later, the world is remembering the historic mission and its impact on society and science.  Institutions around the country are hosting events highlighting the first lunar landing.  So save the date in your calendars! Even more, do not worry, for the tees. We have some prodigious tips, from our long-time friend, DBH.

NASA t-shirts collection from DBH

NASA t-shirts

NASA t-shirt

NASA t-shirts

vntage NASA t-shirts

NASA t-shirts

NASA events and manifestations

July 24 – Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Florida

A “Splashdown” celebration in the Rocket Garden will mark the 50th anniversary of the return of the Apollo 11 crew.

July 2019 – NASA’s Space Center Houston in Houston

Lunar Jubilee celebrationNASA’s Space Center Houston will hold Apollo-themed events in celebration of the Apollo 11 lunar landing’s 50th anniversary.

New permanent exhibit-  Virginia Air and Space Center Official Visitor Center for NASA Langley, Hampton, Virginia

Be the Astronaut/Apollo 50thThis interactive exhibit shows the history and future of lunar exploration and moon missions.

July 1 – July 31 – Exploratorium, San Francisco

Museum of the MoonA massive, photorealistic sculpture of the moon spotlighting every cliff and crater will be on display for the month.

July 14 – Jan. 5, 2020 – National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

By the Light of the Moon: A Century of Lunar PhotographsThis ongoing exhibit will celebrate Apollo 11’s 50th anniversary with a collection of lunar photography, as well as photographs made by Armstrong and Aldrin during their lunar excursion.

July 7 – Nov. 27 – Harvard Museum of Natural History, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cosmic Origins: A new mini-exhibition located within the museum’s planetary science section will focus on the stories of stars and planetary bodies.  Also, you`ll find in there specimens that visitors can touch.


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