Swimsuit Design Contest by DBH

Swimsuit Design Contest by DBH

Summer is just around the corner. The sun, the sand, the sea calls for you! You can now make a splash with this Swimsuit Design Contest: The Beach/Sea Monsters. Create the coolest swimsuit monster design and you can win the first-place prize of $500, second-place of $300, or third-place of $150.

Finally,  rule the greatest pool party with those crazy swimsuit designs.

Swimsuit Design Contest by DBH

Some inspiration for your swimsuit design:

An evergreen sea icon is the mermaid. That`s why we have featured it here as well. Why not use it? This half woman half fish creature can wear more than a hat: she is either the lovely lady from Disney`s cartoons or if she gets bothered, can also play the antagonistic role.

Swimsuit Design Contest by DBH

Cthulhu is a monster that has the head of an octopus, scaly claws, and small wings on its back. Even if the monstrous Cthulhu is resting peacefully beneath the Pacific Ocean, we know that it is only a matter of time before it awakens. And the chaos will begin!

“Jaws” is a classic movie that horrified people across the globe.  Why not trying a swimsuit design Jaws inspired? Certainly,  this one will be memorable.

The legend says that the Loch Ness Monster is a prehistoric dinosaur inserted safely away in a lake in Scotland. We haven`t met Neesie, but we know for sure that he is the most treasured monster out there.

And finally, what do you think about the Kraken? The frightful octopus was so large, it was often thought to be an island by passing sailors. The terrifying sea monster could rip apart any ship,  inner minutes. It was all about Kraken that ship in half!

Swimsuit Design Contest by DBH

Guidelines for Swimsuit Design Contest:

First, you must have a store on DesignByHumans.  Further, all submissions must include a pair of board shorts and a women’s bathing suit with the same design. Designs must be 100% your own work. Also, do not use images directly taken from a third party, use protected symbols, logos, or characters that may have copyright protection. Submissions will be approved or rejected at DBH’s discretion. If your design is rejected, you will be given a reason why. Again, stay away from sexual content or overly graphic violence. And that`s it!

You can submit your work until 8th April right here. Therefore, have fun playing with those grumpy seas monsters. Good luck!

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