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Posts tagged with ‘designbyhumans’

  • Cool t shirt #54

    By Oana on June 20, 2012
    Designbyhumans must have guessed how badly I like oriental themed graphics and put this designs up. Show it some love here! Cool t shirt of the day:
  • Cool t shirt #10

    By Oana on February 18, 2012
    A tiger, a bird and a woman with a white eye, oh my! From Nicebleed – a collaboration project between Francis and Laurence Minoza based in Cebu Philippines. Printed by Designbyhumans!
  • T-shirt designs on Designbyhumans competition

    By Oana on October 3, 2011
    Designbyhumans has always had some of the best t-shirt designs out there and tend to promote some of the most suprising talents. We get to pay more attention to the winners that get the printed tees but we never get to shuffle through the whole models from the competition. We are here to convince you otherwise. Even if they don’t […]
  • 40 of the best designs for your T-shirt collection

    By Oana on August 25, 2011
    There are never too many ideas to inspire a T-shirt design. Illustrators, artists, drawers, designers all over the world keep shaping some of the most creative images ever. Some of them are still to be discovered but the majority are at our reach to explore. Thanks to sites that support and encourage talent, irrespective of their origin or style, we […]

    By Oana on February 10, 2009
    People nowadays are attracted more and more to non-standard t-shirts, with designs that draw attention and make them stand out of the crowd. We know that the number of designers is continuously growing, and, for them, there is a place for competition, a place where they can get the chance to print their design and probably see it on the […]