DesignbyHumans President’s Day Big Sale ! ! !

DesignbyHumans sale for President’s Day – the t-shirt sale has some exclusions but for most orders of 2 t-shirts you get a third one for free. DesignbyHumans President’s Day Big…

Cool t-shirt of the day #67

I like the design so much because it is perfect for a summer t-shirt and I will definitely feature a.mar.illo very soon on the blog! Get this design from Designbyhumans.

Cool t shirt #54

Designbyhumans must have guessed how badly I like oriental themed graphics and put this designs up. Show it some love here! Cool t shirt of the day:

Cool t shirt #10

A tiger, a bird and a woman with a white eye, oh my! From Nicebleed – a collaboration project between Francis and Laurence Minoza based in Cebu Philippines. Printed by Designbyhumans!


People nowadays are attracted more and more to non-standard t-shirts, with designs that draw attention and make them stand out of the crowd. We know that the number of designers…