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T-shirt designs on Designbyhumans competition

Designbyhumans has always had some of the best t-shirt designs out there and tend to promote some of the most suprising talents. We get to pay more attention to the winners that get the printed tees but we never get to shuffle through the whole models from the competition. We are here to convince you otherwise. Even if they don’t get the same exposure, the design that are not eventually  printed are still great and inspiring. We took a look at the ones running and found some great tshirt ideas that could easily win. Even if they don’t, they still need to be appreciated. Here are some of the futuristic designbuhumans competition models:

t-shirt designs

voyage by dhectwenty from Hong Kong

t-shirt designs

Mr. Monkeykok

last song syndrome by daleconcepts from United States

t-shirt designs

follow the leader by robsonborges.com from Sao Paulo, Brazil

t-shirt designs

yellow moonlight by k3njin from New York, United States

t-shirt designs

War by sethdesign from Pretoria, South Africa

t-shirt designs

the deity by AustinPardun from United States

t-shirt designs

the creation

the big bite by Ingkong from 7,107 Islands, Philippines

t-shirt designs

shreds II by jun087 from Malaysia

t-shirt designs

scream for ice scream by td0l3 from NJ, United States

reality is made of by Ingkong from 7,107 Islands, Philippines

freestyle by Carli from Denmark

el mariachi by walmazan from DC, United States

death cowboy by Frane

Dangerous sports by NHBstudio from Philippines

all i can do by eggzoo from Indonesia

Anxiety JCMaziu from Spain

Alis Grave Nil