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Posts tagged with ‘watercolor design’

  • Free watercolor flowers by Eva Katerina

    By Oana on February 26, 2018
    Free watercolor lilies from Graphicloot.com To guarantee you will have a good start for the week I thought there’s only one type of post I can make. Not to mention there should be a lot more of them featured. Why not start all days of the week in a good mood with something free watercolor to put to good use in […]
  • Romanian Illustrators: Alexia Udriste watercolor artist

    By Oana on December 4, 2017
    Celebrating Romanian Illustrators The series of celebratory posts dedicated to Romanian Illustrators continues. This second one is fun for those in love with watercolors and the watercolor effect. A special lady mastering the ins and outs of brushes, colors and water, all combined is Alexia Udriste. Alexia Udriste, watercolor artist Alexia is a self-thought freelance illustrator, specializing in watercolor designs. […]
  • Designer of the week – Alisa aka Mikibith Art

    By Oana on September 26, 2016
    Never too much watercolor design Watercolor seems to be a timeless trend that you can see everywhere in the design business. It is subtle enough not to take the attention away from the central element, but strong enough to give a much-needed texture, used for highlighting parts of the design. Clients and illustrators alike seem to love it so much […]
  • Designer of the Week – nature design with Mia Charro

    By Oana on May 24, 2016
    Step into the magical world of nature design artist Mia Charro This week we’re gonna immerse ourselves into the magical world of nature design with illustrator Mia Charro. We’ve got in contact with her because there is a part of us that is fascinated by the abundance of floral designs and handd-rawn ornaments she constantly creates, it seems from her dreams. […]
  • Spring Bundle, Free Vector and New T-shirt Designs on Tshirt-Factory.com

    By Oana on April 18, 2016
    Graphic Design News from Tshirt-Factory.com Another weekend is done, the new week is upon us, so I thought a comprehensive round up of graphic design news would be best, to get you ready for the work load ahead. So if you missed our freebies, bundles and the newest t-shirt illustrations launched on our site, this post will save you a […]
  • We recommend: Free watercolor resources and bundle deals

    By Oana on October 9, 2015
    Free watercolor resources and bundle deals Do you feel like watercolor is the word of the hour in graphic design right now? Because I feel like it is, I see this everywhere. As far as sets, bundles and kits are concerned, this watercolor effect seems to go a long way. First it was script fonts and now this, which is in perfect […]