Free watercolor flowers by Eva Katerina

Free watercolor lilies from

To guarantee you will have a good start for the week I thought there’s only one type of post I can make. Not to mention there should be a lot more of them featured. Why not start all days of the week in a good mood with something free watercolor to put to good use in your projects?

Mondays are statistically harder than other days. So, today is especially soothing to get something like this in your email to play with.

My choice is obvious. It’s almost spring (in our calendars, at least) and this means a new season or flowers, butterflies and cute baby animals is upon us. Let’s not forget about the technique that is almost synonymous with nature’s fresh start, the watercolor effect.

I give you “Delicate watercolor lilies”, hand drawn by Eva Katerina. Knowing GraphicLoot I expect this download to be available for an unlimited time. Thus, there’s no pressure to download it right away. Although, I don’t know how you would resist such wonderfully detailed flowers, perfect for invitations, greeting cards or as decoration on anything requiring a touch of elegance.

free watercolor lilies free watercolor graphic

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