Romanian Illustrators: Alexia Udriste watercolor artist

Celebrating Romanian Illustrators

The series of celebratory posts dedicated to Romanian Illustrators continues. This second one is fun for those in love with watercolors and the watercolor effect. A special lady mastering the ins and outs of brushes, colors and water, all combined is Alexia Udriste.

Alexia Udriste, watercolor artist

Alexia is a self-thought freelance illustrator, specializing in watercolor designs. Her works are precious, delicate, lush and playful. They feature cats, foxes, bears, bunnies and delicious cakes. All these surround themselves with rich, luscious greenery that make you want to get lost in them. Her posts on social media are an opportunity for a peek inside her life. Every snap is in perfect sync with the style of illustration: colorful, relaxing, bohemian, loving, serene.

watercolor artist

watercolor artist

Mainly, she works with traditional tools, pen or brush on paper. Although, she does not shy away from the digital medium, for final touches. I especially love this project she has, with typography on plates that she did for a local restaurant.

Alexia is part of many projects gathering many Romanian illustrators under the same roof.

Similar to some of her peers, she designs posters, takes part in creative competitions and workshops. Because of her gift to create stunning book covers, you will often find her at book launches. She also illustrates educational brochures. Furthermore, as an avid reader, the inspiration flow is constantly nurtured by the stories she reads. Her work space is filled with light, books and two fat cats. Basically that is the perfect cure to deal with tight deadlines.

She is a breath of fresh air, in both appearance and talent. Her blog wonderfully reflects that, even if you don’t know the language. You should let her work speak for itself!

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