Current Trends: Font design and watercolor Illustration

Nicky Laatz Font design and Illustration

I’m not sure how familiar you are with the designer and illustrator that I am about to introduce here, but, I imagine you must’ve come across her fonts or watercolor graphics at some point. That is if you are an active member in the design community but also a client who needed a script font at least once.

She is a super star on Creative Market, with constantly featured products on the homepage of the site, and positive feedback from users that are always so happy with what she puts out. And there is one, simple explanation for that: she honestly loves everything she does and that is her sole compass. Which is what she recommends to all aspiring designers.

Her name is Nicky Laatz, she’s from South Africa and her mantra is to never aim lower than what you truly love and are proud of. Be consistent and keep at it, even if at first it will not bring you thousands of dollars.


From a young age she liked art but never pursuit it professionally, and as an adult did not follow any art school. That would have implied being forced into practicing and experimenting with things she didn’t want to. So she let art come to her – she first dabbled into HTLM coding, then web design, followed by logo design and finally illustration and prints. And she’s been doing that for 15 years, so there is no overnight success.


She gradually broke free from restrictive client work and did more and more of what she loved, on her own terms and added them in her Creative Market shop. The fact that the site is very supportive of creatives with a personal approach, made her feel even more comfortable with the entire experience.

She believes anyone with a knack for digital art can evolve, become content and feel genuinely rewarded for their efforts if they use the internet to learn, practice and add that personal touch to their work. She is a true inspiration for aspiring digital designer and you can see that for yourself by reading an article she contributed with on the Creative Market blog. It might save you from designer’s block or even burnout.


And now here are some of her very successful products she has been selling in her shop, created with that dedication I just mentioned above, that most designers forget about more often than not.

box-landscape-f nicky laatz font design preview1-f splash-f splashmammoth-f

The HANDLETTERED FONTBOX is her latest product already handpicked by the Creative Market team.

main-f (1)

And as a Bonus, you can also get a free font, which she regularly offers to her loyal following. Make sure you check out EVERYTHING on her Instagram – you will be fascinated by the content:

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