We recommend: Free watercolor resources and bundle deals

Free watercolor resources and bundle deals

Do you feel like watercolor is the word of the hour in graphic design right now? Because I feel like it is, I see this everywhere.

As far as sets, bundles and kits are concerned, this watercolor effect seems to go a long way. First it was script fonts and now this, which is in perfect tune with this tendency to make everything seem hand made, personal, raw.

We want more flawed things, and watercolor has a beautiful way of being unpredictable and still delightful to the eye.

So, seeing all this hype around it and sensing this will soon be mainstream, I thought I would make up a nice list with a few suggestion for watercolor graphic resources that you can digitally use to enhance your greeting cards, logos, any kind of presentation material, patterns, invitations and stationery in general.

Most of them are bundles and sets because it makes more sense to buy them like this than purchasing separate, isolated elements. I recommend you always buy them in bulk! They are very versatile and, the more you have, the more ideas on how to use and combine them you will have.

As a bonus, you will find some links to free watercolor graphics that you can practice with before buying.

I hope these help you on your projects. Good luck!

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Bonus! Free stuff:

wpid-beautiful-corsages-in-watercolor-style_23-2147521353-1170x1170 wpid-lovely-autumn-leaves-in-watercolor-style_23-2147520395-1170x1170 wpid-round-watercolor-stains_23-2147505250-1170x1170 wpid-watercolor-autumnal-wreaths_23-2147522650-1170x1170 wpid-watercolor-autumn-leaves_23-2147504951-1170x1170 free watercolor graphics wpid-watercolor-banners-in-hand-painted-style_23-2147523455-1170x1170 wpid-watercolor-birthday-cards_23-2147522743-1170x1170 wpid-watercolor-cupcakes_23-2147509893-1170x1170 wpid-watercolor-feathers-and-arrows_23-2147509171-1170x1170 wpid-watercolor-flowers-and-leaves_23-2147509349-1170x1170 Free watercolor resources wpid-watercolor-labels_23-2147507616-1170x1170 wpid-watercolor-labels_23-2147523481-1170x1170 wpid-watercolor-restaurant-badges_23-2147509245-1170x1170 wpid-watercolor-skull-with-flowers_23-2147508268-1170x1170 wpid-watercolor-vector-leaves-1170x1170 wpid-wedding-invitation-with-watercolor-leaves_23-2147508974-1170x1170

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