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  • Monty Bello line launch with inspirational t-shirts

    By Oana on December 8, 2014
    The launching of Monty Bello started as a dream for a much younger Lamont many years ago. Even back then, the vision of Monty Bello was to create clothing that would align with an individual’s mindset, emotion, or personality versus catchphrases and routine images of whatever/whoever is “hot.” For instance, the “Not Average” shirt is being well received by various […]
  • Growl and Grandeur streetwear brand – t-shirts your friends will ask about

    By Oana on October 14, 2014
    Growl & Grandeur is a streetwear brand designed for the rebels and the sinners. For the dreamers and  the courageous. It is a well established streetwear brand catering for those who don’t need the confinement of “working silly hours behind a beige melamine desk trying to impress some fool in a suit & gain that measly promotion in the hope […]
  • Should Be Funny t-shirt designs that play with food and your imagination!

    By Oana on October 7, 2014
    Funny t-shirt designs from Should Be Clothing T-shirts are about expressing yourself, about making an understatement or overstatement of who you are, how you think and what people should know about you at first sight. Well, how about the opposite. How about wearing tshirts with designs that are as confusing as an orange banana or a yellow strawberry. Two technical […]
  • Own the Night Clothing T-shirt brand – Built in the UK , Crafted in the dark

    By Oana on September 11, 2014
    Created in 2011, Own The Night Clothing T-shirt brand was formed from the nocturnal life, drawing inspiration from the freedom of the early hours and life under the cover of darkness. Holding a firm belief that less is more and embracing the anonymity of nightfall, the brand thrives in the obscurities and subtleties that lurk in the dead of the night, which […]
  • Hand Carved Woodblock Printed T-Shirts – 15% off for September

    By Oana on September 8, 2014
    Hand Carved Woodblock Printed T-Shirts Evan M. Cohen co-runs a print making studio in Beacon, NY . Here he prints unique, hand carved woodblock prints onto t-shirts, tote bags, hats, and more. All of the shirts are hand carved woodblock and linoleum prints, printed on varying colors of 100% cotton tees, tote bags, and more. They are printed with oil […]
  • Telos Clothing – Printing graphic tees with a Purpose

    By Oana on September 8, 2014
    Telos is an ethically conscious graphic tee line that provides direct and gainful employment to survivors of commercial sexual exploitation in Bangkok, Thailand. The founders, one of them being Colin Kiser, are striving to make a difference in this world and the fashion industry one shirt at a time. Telos is working with  partner organization, Nightlight International, that provides women with gainful employment in order to […]
  • Hard Times Clothing – mythology, wildlife and tattoos

    By Oana on September 2, 2014
    Hard Times Clothing Limited is an English clothing company from Hertfordshire, established in 2011. It has collaborated with some of the most talented of artists to build an astoundingly diverse clothing company. Don’t be fooled however, this company has had its fair share of ‘hard times’, but all were overcome and resolved through hard work and dedication; overall making the company even bigger and […]
  • Streetwear Clothing and lifestyle brand – No Fit State

    By Oana on August 28, 2014
    No Fit State is an alternative unisex streetwear clothing and lifestyle brand from England. Established in early 2012, freelance Graphic Designer John Williamson developed his skills from traditional  media to t-shirt designs. The designs primarily feature illustration with skilled artists such as Tom Gilmour, Curse/Gift, Butch The Butcher, Ink on Skin and Benji Charnock. All t-shirts garments are American Apparel, manufactured in Downtown LA. The t-shirts […]
  • Mr Gugu and Miss Go t-shirt line

    By Oana on August 25, 2014
    Mr Gugu and Miss Go Mr Gugu & Miss Go is a European brand that has a unique background. It is based on a genuine conviction that the way we dress ourselves really matters for the future of our continent.They want people of Europe to look fresh, brave, original, and self-confident, and maybe have the world to join us and share […]
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