Should Be Funny t-shirt designs that play with food and your imagination!

Funny t-shirt designs from Should Be Clothing

T-shirts are about expressing yourself, about making an understatement or overstatement of who you are, how you think and what people should know about you at first sight.

Well, how about the opposite. How about wearing tshirts with designs that are as confusing as an orange banana or a yellow strawberry.

Two technical engineer students came with the idea to have fruits as the theme to the Should Be line.
These  funny t-shirt designs offer a simple concept about the rectification of a design already printed on the t-shirt. What’s the point of this? Well, it plays with your power of recognition and your knowledge. It’s fun.
The style is simple, almost childish which comes to support the simplicty behind the truth of fruit colors and fake chest pockets. Beacuse t-shirts should be more fun and less self-absorbed.

Should Be clothing combines good design with fair trade, so take a few moment and enhoy these very cool t-shirts:

funny t-shirt

funny t-shirt


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