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Posts tagged with ‘print’

  • Stunning Watercolor Paintings by Mary J.

    By Stefy on May 19, 2015
    Mary Jones – Amazing Watercolor Paintings Mary Jones, also known as WatercolorMary, is an artist i stumbled upon on Etsy. The passion she puts in this watercolor paintings is quite amazing. Her work is full of captive details, colored in an unique palette. Even the delicate details have soft enough edges that show what a good technique she has. Each painting has it’s own story expressed […]
  • Joanna Szmerdt – Pug dog wall art

    By Stefy on March 20, 2015
    Pug dog wall art print by Joanna Szmerdt Pug dog wall art was painted by a polish artist named Joanna Szmerdt. The innocent pug wall art can make a great addition to your wall and it also can make for a great gift to a pug lover. The thing that I like about this painting is the custom effect created with […]
  • Jeremy Worst-Famous artists illustrations

    By Stefy on March 18, 2015
    Jeremy Worst is a one of a kind modern artist  from Atlanta.He has been studying this craft for the past 15 years. As an artist he considers himself a fast painter, completing detailed large scale paintings in 6-10 hours. His paintings and illustrations are a combination of deep vivid and worn down colors. The main reason I picked this artist is […]
  • Ello x Threadless T-shirt Store

    By Oana on November 21, 2014
    Ello Threadless T-shirt Store! Ello is the counter response to the advertising tool that Facebook has become. It is a social media site, it is still Beta and for now remains invitation only. The people building it believe that  social media users are actually used for their profiles as a product that’s bought and sold. And they believe there is a better way, […]
  • Christmas Badges / New Year Prints

    By Oana on November 17, 2014
    Christmas Badges and New Year Prints I see ou all in here looking for Christmas related material and wishing for some quality prints that can jump start your Christmas design season. Well, wish has just been granted. The following labels, that look like simple but effective logo prints/greeting card messages for the whole family, are available from Marvel Media, for […]
  • Top 20 mustache t-shirts I really want to wear right now

    By Oana on November 6, 2014
    How is your November going so far? I hope you’re enjoying this damn cold, moody weather. For those on the same level of grouchiness with me, dont’ worry – these top 20 mustache t-shirts will make things a whole lot better. The trends right now revolves around beards and mustaches and whatever else makes you look like a grumpy old […]
  • Print Isn’t Dead Magazine – An ode to Printing processes

    By Oana on November 6, 2014
    People of Print magazine launched the first issue of a now series PRINT ISN’T DEAD Element 001 back in August and the project was met with great success. Predictably enough, they announced their Kickstarter for Element 002. This time around they have pre-planned stretch goals which include extra spot colours, more pages and a higher volume print run. For more […]

    By Oana on October 15, 2014
    This one is for the ladies, for the fashion kinks, for animal lovers and all over prints enthusiasts. Is it still summer where you live? Or are you nostalgic about it ending? Or are you one of those conscientious folks that buy summer clothes in winter and viceversa? Well, either way you are in for a treat from “We are […]
  • Should Be Funny t-shirt designs that play with food and your imagination!

    By Oana on October 7, 2014
    Funny t-shirt designs from Should Be Clothing T-shirts are about expressing yourself, about making an understatement or overstatement of who you are, how you think and what people should know about you at first sight. Well, how about the opposite. How about wearing tshirts with designs that are as confusing as an orange banana or a yellow strawberry. Two technical […]