Monty Bello line launch with inspirational t-shirts

The launching of Monty Bello started as a dream for a much younger Lamont many years ago. Even back then, the vision of Monty Bello was to create clothing that would align with an individual’s mindset, emotion, or personality versus catchphrases and routine images of whatever/whoever is “hot.”
For instance, the “Not Average” shirt is being well received by various demographics. Monty Bello takes pride in designing shirts that may be considered different from the funny, colorful shirts that are out there, and strongly believes that Monty Bello has a place in today’s t-shirt community.
The designs by Monty Bello speak to people who are comfortable with who they are: the preacher’s kid, the two-time felon, the kid in the neighborhood that doesn’t share the same features but shares the same struggles.
By the way, you can enter the code “Launch” to receive 10% off your purchase.

Inspirational t-shirts from Monty Bello

inspirational t-shirts

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