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Growl & Grandeur is a streetwear brand designed for the rebels and the sinners. For the dreamers and  the courageous. It is a well established streetwear brand catering for those who don’t need the confinement of “working silly hours behind a beige melamine desk trying to impress some fool in a suit & gain that measly promotion in the hope you’ll earn a big enough crust to get you in that cushy retirement home when the time comes”. That was kinda harsh but true. We all hope not to end up in the rat race but few manage to escape the duties of adulthood.

Colin Hood is one of the lucky ones who’s been working in advertising and unleashed the creative instinct unto a more personal project that this streetwear line has become.

It is regreshing to find an independent brand that has quality on its side, has excellent graphic to show for and lends itsels to some precious humor at the same time. Maybe it’s just me, after going through too many emails but there should be less flamboyant self-importance from brand owners and more honest justification for the existence of printed garments. A little more self irony never hurt and Growl and Grandeur may prove that it is actually constructive. A bit more truthfullnes will be more appreciated by the public. I recommend you have a read about the line here.

” So let us armour you against the mundane & send you out into the modern world, tooled up & ready to take on the daily grind.”

Growl and Grandeur streetwear brand – sexy Lookbook , proceed with caution:

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