Animals flat vector set

 24 flat vectors set featuring cute animals We all love animals so this cute 24 flat vectors set featuring wild animals as well as domestic ones will surely come in handy….

American Vintage Badges from Opus Nigrum

This Argentinian designer known as Opus Nigrum has some illustration talent worth mentioning on the blog, since we encourage designers and t-shirt brands alike, by sharing their work with you….

Cool t-shirt of the day #74

I am impressed by the very inspired look combination in this pic. Everything seems to go really well together and helps bring out the t-shirt design perfectly. You can see…

Cool t-shirt #70

Beast Wreck has carefully designed prints available all the time, but this is the latest. You can get it here.  

Cool t shirt #69

Today’s cool t-shirt comes from Arquebous Clothing, who’ve been putting out some amazing pieces and deserve some love.

Arm The Animals to be more human!

Having and managing a t-shirt line is a big deal, requiring sacrifices, investments and perseverance. Which is why we try to feature and encourage everyone, especially people that gave up…