American Vintage Badges from Opus Nigrum

This Argentinian designer known as Opus Nigrum has some illustration talent worth mentioning on the blog, since we encourage designers and t-shirt brands alike, by sharing their work with you. The vintage badges type of logo has taken over the graphic design industry but I think there is still time for this trend to evolve until it becomes a cliche. It seems like there is a common understanding and like for the old brought back to modern times. We keep going back, don’t we? People tend to associate quality and carefully, hand-crafted, hand-made products with old styles and traditional approaches. In practical terms, we are getting further and further away from the good things of the past, which is why I can say there is still room to romanticise about the past and how vintage vibes mean quality, dependability and loyalty. Which is what brands are desperately trying to convey.

So let’s enjoy together these nice sets. You can create your own badge or logo with a vintage touch. These are ready to print or use in anything you want, infinitely scalable, with full editable (text, colors, etc.). Download only the fonts you need, the help file includes a description of each of the badges with their fonts.


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