Petrified Panda,t-shirt brand with a mystery!

The t-shirt brand Petrified Panda revolves around an interwoven narrative – and each shirt contributes to the story. They just released the designs Cheeky Hipster Cat.
It took quite a bit of trial and error to arrive at the final design. The designer mocked up about 20 different styles of the cat, from having it wear giant glasses to having patriotic colors. He was almost ready to abandon the cat design when he decided to randomly throw in bright colored lightning bolts. So there you have it, the magic of spontaneity!
Beside having this inside scoop on how the design came about, you also get a 10% discount on everything, with coupon code: “PANDA10“, because Tshirt Factory readers are special and deserve the best, non?
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Petrified Panda t-shirt brand
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