How to start a tshirt business in 5 basic steps

How to start a tshirt business

How to start a tshirt business might seem easy and fun. Behind the scene, there is a huge arsenal of strategies that one should know if prepared to launch in the business. These 5 quick steps will help you understand some of the basic aspects of how to start a t-shirt business company selling custom t-shirt designs.


When deciding to start a business selling t-shirts, you must have some basic information about the clothing industry. You must also have a solid business plan, to ensure a profit to your business. Check out successful business brands for tips on how they succeeded, they might be very helpful. You must establish your budget before deciding to go too deep into the business. You might have huge plans, but a small budget, so makes sure that you have enough resources to fulfill your expectations.


First of all establishing your brand is definitely one of the most important foundations of your business, so you have to pay a lot of attention to this chapter. Your brand represents your whole image and the way you are perceived by the customers.

Your brand must have your distinctive personality, it must be unique, like you, and a brand that has a strong personality always stands out! Think of a strong name and a tagline to encapsulate your brand in one sentence, to make the crowd know what your business is about.

You have to figure out your goals and your target market to decide what kind of t-shirt designs you will get printed. Another good thing if you`ll set up a clear identity, you can start to apply on affiliate programs like Share a Sale



You have to do some research on the Internet to see the latest apparel trends, what the t-shirt community asks for. Now, after you have decided what to get printed, you should find a graphic artist. In case you are not a graphic designer yourself, you can find lots of talented designers on freelance sites like Guru, Elance, Odesk or on t-shirt competition sites like DesignByHumans, Zazzle or RIPT. You can find the style that suits you, by checking the artists’ past works and hire them.

Also, we strongly recommend GraphicLoot, where you`ll find massive graphic deals, t-shirt designs, vector illustrations, fonts and even many freebies

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If you have a lower budget, you can choose the cheapest possibility for your business: purchase royalty-free vectors and create your own designs.  You can find plenty to choose from here: The disadvantage is that the designs will not be unique, but you have to admit that it is much cheaper.


With the question “How to start a tshirt business?” always keep an eye on the other t-shirt design companies you’ll be competing with. You should check their designs, their pricing, and promotions, and also learn from them, not copy them. If they are successful, so can you, but you have to come with fresh ideas in the same old market. Keep track of the successful ones and make sure to price your t-shirts appropriately. Finally consider the costs incurred in making T-shirts, such as material, printing, and marketing.

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You can choose from a wide range of blank t-shirt providers like Sanmar, Alphabroder, etc. Seems like this will be your physical product, and your choice will reflect very strongly upon your brand. There are some websites that accept t-shirt designs. They will print these for you on demand. and are two great printing companies.

There are plenty of different types of t-shirts, but you have to make a decision based on your kind of t-shirt designs and target market. For instance, you can go for Tultex, American Apparel, Anvil, Next Level, Alstyle, Bella, Bay Island, and many others. Seems like the t-shirt thickness should also be important when you chose your blank t-shirt type. The thickness ranges from 120gr to 200gr, and the ideal is 180gr.

how to start a tshirt business

Good luck!

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