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Posts tagged with ‘print design’

  • Brand New Fun on t-shirts with Hantu ! ! !

    By Oana on June 27, 2012
    Hantu established themselves in 2002 and come straight from the UK, from Sheffield, to be more precise. That is where they print and SEW their t-shirts. You read right, they are 100% committed to this brand and lay pure fun on their t-shirts. They’re up to 6 items but promise to grow just as long as you show them some love. You […]
  • Freshly released Threadless College T-shirts

    By Oana on January 13, 2012
    Threadless have just put up the chosen designs from the College t-shirts Challenge and they are great! The colleges with the selected prints are very lucky to have such great designs to promote their teams. And for each purchase , 10% of the proceeds will go to the respective school, and you can also take full advantage of their Threadless […]
  • Artist of the week – David Vicente’s Psychobilly art

    By Oana on January 12, 2012
    David Vicente was born in 1968 in France.Just like many other excellent artists around the world he expressed his talent and remarkable skills early on , with a predilection towards Rock’ n’ Roll in the form of Psychobilly art. His first inspirations were cult albums like The Cramps, Guanabatz or Rockabilly Psychosis that opened his eyes about graphics. Renowned fashion […]
  • Over 20 free Photoshop style resources

    By Oana on January 9, 2012
    We never get enough of free stuff. That’s not to say we prefer to take everything for free than reward the talent. Anything that has time, effort and creativity in it should be encouraged and repaid. But there are also situations when you’ve just got started or don’t have all the resources necessary to buy the best. This is where […]
  • Inspiring graphics of the day – Asian designs

    By Oana on January 6, 2012
    Maybe it’s just the beginning of the year, but I feel very inspired by oriental themes and symbols that will be very popular this year, since it’s the Year of the Dragon and many will tend to focus in that direction.  Five illustrations to connect you to the the labyrinthine world of Asian designs.
  • Artist of the week – Chris Sandlin cartoon designs !

    By Oana on January 5, 2012
    Today’s illustrator – Chris Sandlin – was raised in Atlanta, Georgia although born in Seoul, Korea. He studied graphic design and is immensely passionate about drawing and illustrating. He does freelance work and has his own collection of artwork and apparel. He says about the store to have been a need of his to express his talents without any limitations. Artist of […]
  • Inspiring graphics of the day – New Year wishes

    By Oana on January 4, 2012
    It’s that time of the day when I gather my five designs and find the pattern that lead me to them. Nothing is apparently random in my daily preferences. Today I just wanted to incorporate some things that I wish you all for this year. There are  a lot more things you will need I’m sure but it’s always important […]
  • Enthos t-shirt apparel

    By Oana on December 19, 2011
    There are few brands that have started off based on a concept or with a real reason and not a pretext they theatrically boast about. Very few such entrepreneurs follow their initial admirable goals of spreading beauty, inspiration, fighting apathy and pledging loyalty to hope. Among those few is Enthos t-shirt apparel that has been in this business for a long […]
  • Fur Face Boy series 6 t-shirt line

    By Oana on December 16, 2011
    Fur Face Boy is releasing a brand new line of t-shirts appropriately called Series 6 and planning a really fun release party at his store in Dallas, Texas to which everyone is invited. The online release will be on the 19th and it will feature gear with prices of $25-$60. The designs are fun, ironic, with lots of pocket patterns, […]
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