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  • Artist of the week – Peachbeach illustrators

    By Oana on November 9, 2011
    Today we are starting a new section on our blog, called Artist of the week. As the name suggests we will feature one artist or a group of artists that made an impact on the graphic industry, or that are up and coming or to whom we took a special liking for subjective but highly justifiable reasons. We will have […]
  • Vectors, prints and illustrations from Zutto

    By Oana on October 1, 2011
    This one comes from Russia, which we don’t have that often here. This illustrator is 27 , comes from old Moscow and is a skilled digital artist and character designer. We dont know much about Zutto apart from his art which is powerful, moving and complex in its richness of details. You can easily spot him on Behance and he is […]
  • Character design from the workings of Jared Nickerson

    By Oana on October 1, 2011
    You can find Jack Nickerson on  pe Behance. He is an amazing illustrator from Vancouver, British Columbia.He’s in the business for at least eight years and specializes in  character design, editorials and product design video games. What led him to become an illustrator was his inclination for the arts since he was very young. Feeling the direction this will take in the future, he focused on the digital art, remaining a devotee of Adobe Illustrator. What encouraged him, and the thing that he still prefers until this day, is the feedback you get from […]
  • Rubens Scarelli’s character designs

    By Oana on September 27, 2011
    Known as Rusc, Rubens Scarelli is an illustrator and graphic designer living in Sao Paulo, Brazil.He is 44 years old and has a background in advertising. He designs for T-shirts, magazines, packaging and many other products. His focus is oriented towards shaping up character designs, comics and fashion design and he also has a brand – Westwood clothes . He is […]
  • Keith Carter character art !

    By Oana on September 13, 2011
    Character art Hi everybody! Looking around I just discovered an artist that really impressed me with his character art. His name is Keith Carter. He was born in 1978 in Tacoma, WA. He attended Westen Washington University in Bellingham, WA, receiving his BA in Fine Art.Along the time he worked in a wide variety of projects, ranging from t-shirts for […]
  • Threadless Troundup free t shirts

    By Oana on September 10, 2011
    Colin, over at Troundup, has a birthday on the 20th of September. As the drinking age is a big deal for everyone, he decided to celebrate it accordingly, with all of his readers. He has a promotion that goes like this: Every day for the next two weeks, he will give away one $25.00 Threadless gift certificate (a total of 14). […]
  • Sean – a great graphic designer!

    By Oana on September 8, 2011
    One great graphic designer – Sean Are you ready for a ride? If you are a motorcycle fan you are in the right place.Sean is a graphic designer from San Diego ,California. A talented artist that love to creat artwork for Musical Artist,Clothing Companies and for his own small line DCAY. Sean had the privilege to create work for some […]
  • Danny’s hero designs

    By Oana on September 7, 2011
    If you have the super hero virus or are crazy about comic books in general, there is a cure for you. His name is Danny Haas and he has an interesting collection of designs on society6 for possible hero designs that we recommend. He also features other fairy tale figures, but seems focused on characters that are very popular at the […]
  • Art designs as a weapon – Spanky

    By Oana on September 5, 2011
    You might think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It actually is not. Spanky’s artwork is there waiting for you. He is a freelance illustrator since ’04 and comes from Bangkok, Thailand. If you pay close attention or just have a trained eye, you will see the Asian features and styles that influenced his creation. […]
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