Interview with Greg Abbott

Julia Kelt: Hello, Greg, my name is Julia Kelt and I represent, as you recently found out, First of all, allow me to thank you for agreeing to respond to this interview. It is a great pleasure to talk to you.
Greg Abbott: Thank you very much for having me!
Julia: So, let’s begin. I’ve been watching your t shirt designs and I must admit that you do a wonderful job. And  it is no wonder that you are so appreciated in the world of graphic designers. What is your secret?
Greg: Thank you very much! I’m not sure what the secret to being appreciated is but I am very pleased that some people enjoy, and are interested in, me and my work. I think my consistency in and frequency of posting work online brought me to some people’s attention and that, perhaps, my enthusiasm and enjoyment for what I do comes across in my work and my services provided. Both of these factors contribute to the success in which my work has been fortunate enough to be received. Whilst most of my designs are created mainly for my own amusement, if not to teach myself a new technique or try something new, I find it very rewarding when someone else can enjoy my works and always really appreciate everyone who is kind enough to follow my work, leave a comment or feedback of any kind.
Julia: When did you discover your passion for graphic art and please tell me if you have a background in your family for art of any kind?
Greg: I’ve always very much enjoyed drawing since I was a child. I was never too interested in art as a subject but always liked and wanted to create things. I have always loved anything that was illustrated, whether cereal boxes, posters, cartoons or books. I didn’t know until recently that the area of art I particularly liked came under the umbrella of graphic art.As for my family, there isn’t much of a background in art but my granddad was a sign-writer. I have not seen any of his work but would have very much liked to.
Julia: One thing I definitely loved about your designs is that they are all very cute and positive. How does this relate to you?
Greg: Thank you very much! I’m quite a positive person and like for my work to be cheerful. With that written, I am guilty of drawing too many happy characters and would like to vary the subject matter of my art a little more in the future. I generally find anything positive or silly to be more enjoyable than something negative or serious so that’s what I tend to aim for and plan to continue to aim for, even when branching out into other directions.
Julia: Tell me the most wonderful story that ever happened to you, regarding what you do. I don’t know, anything that comes in your mind… funny, sad, interesting…
Greg: One of my first clients paid me in Jelly Bellys and Nerds.
Julia: What is the project that you worked on that you are the most proud about? And why is that?
Greg: The project I am most proud about is currently unreleased so I unfortunately can’t write too much about it yet but, if all goes to plan, it will be coming out this winter. It was quite a unique project that gave me creative freedom to produce work for a number of different mediums that I do not often get the opportunity to work on. It was a real treat to be able to use some of my less frequently employed skills and was a very fun project work. The product itself is coming along really nicely and, as a whole, I think it will effectively showcase my abilities for some different areas of design that I have not previously been able to add to my portfolio. I am hopeful that once this project is released, more clients may be encouraged to hire me for similar project types as I would be very interested in being more involved with this kind of project and work in the future.
Julia: Do you have fave artists? Someone that inspires you?
Greg: Yes, I have a lot of favourite artists, I very much like Derek Deal, Keaton Henson, Kyle Crawford, Horsebites, Alex solis and Sock Monkee to name a few.
Julia: What are your plans for the future?
Greg: If I’m very lucky, I’d like to keep doing what I’m doing. I really love my job and the way of living it allows for. If I can continue being in a creative and productive position whereby I am left with something to show for my time spent and can gain experience along the way, I will be extremely thankful.
Julia: What about your all time fave design made by you? And, does it have a special meaning?
Greg: I have a selection of favourites but no one particular all time favourite design. None of my works have any meaning or, more specifically, message to them. Some might be narrative, illustration or type wise, but mostly my goal is to make things that are enjoyable to look at and not in anyway to be analysed. I’ve never been too interested in art with meaning and prefer my work be straight forward.
Julia: Thank you for your time, Greg. As I said at the beginning of the interview, it’s been a real pleasure talking to you! In name of the
team, I wish you a great summer, and let us keep in touch!
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