Aphte – a great urban culture representative!

Being a French artist, Aphte has been on the t-shirt design market for some while now. His style really blew our minds, because he has a unique way of combining French art with the urban culture of graphics. You can smell and feel the French style. It almost runs through you veins, if you stay and think about it.

urban culture
Drug T-shirt Design by Aphte

To be absolutely sincere, his drawings reminded us of the French animated movie Les Triplettes de Belleville, but this is just a personal oppinion.

urban culture
Labirint t-shirt design by Aphte

The drawings are a special combination between urban and child drawings and believe to be perfect for t-shirts. In fact, the graphic vectors have been printed on actual t-shirts, and we think this is just great!

urban culture
Chromatic T-Shirt Design by Aphte

T-shirt designs are more and more used as refferals this days, and Aphte knows that very well.

Convict t-shirt design
Convinct T-Shirt Design by Aphte

We found an account of his on the internet and we just love what his own discription: I’m basically interested in free meals and poney competition. And I do really care about the dolphins and everybody should care, because they’re plain evil! Now we understand why his drawings are so funny!

Wizard Cox vector design
Wizard Cox by Aphte

Would you like to see some actual t-shirts with actual design by Aphte on them? Well, just take a look at this!

t-shirt tamplate
T-shirt Model after design of Aphte

if you want to see more of Aphte’s designs, be our guest to to visit he’s site!

T-shirt Model by Aphte
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