Artists T shirts, the Serge Gainsbourg edition

At first it kinda made me go “whaaat?”, but, as soon as I got used to the idea, I understood that Serge Gainsbourg t-shirts are not so bad after all. To be completely honest, we didn’t think that Serge Gainsbourg was ever capable of selling anything else than his music, but here we go, many years after his death, a t-shirt company decided to use his song quotes for a line of typography t-shirts. Yeah, ok, it’s not English, it’s rather the language of love, French, but, we all know that lately French had its way to bring itself to life again.

We all wonder what Charlotte thinks about this… We all know that she had a special kind of relationship with her father. Well, but let’s not just think about that… these artist T shirts are nice. Why? Because Serge had those kind of smart lyrics that blew one’s mind away. If you ask me the second time, I’ll say I’d buy a t-shirt that has a Serge quote.  Yeah, the website is French as well, it’s written in French, but, we all understand a little bit of French these days.

To be absolutely honest, although we are specialized in graphics and vector art, we admit that strong messages printed on t-shirts can make us bow, as well.  Where did I find this website? Simple answer: where you find all cool things: on Facebook.

But, Serge Gainsbourg is not the only guest on this website! You can also find Lady Gaga t-shirts and also Rolling Stones t-shirts. You all know that I am a big music lover, especially if it’s GOOD music, so music t-shirts can only make my heart go wild too many times.

Artist's T shirts, the Serge Gainsbourg edition

artist t shirts

artist t shirts

artist t shirts

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