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  • Ambitious Collective Summer 2013 collection

    By Oana on August 20, 2013
    Brand new products from Ambitious Collective, consisting of  3 t-shirts and 3 tank tops. Here is a little background on the brand and be sure to enjoy 20% off your purchase with “FAME” promo code at checkout. Ambitious Collective Summer 2013 collection ! […]
  • YouTube Series from CheckMyFlow Clothing

    By Oana on August 20, 2013
    Anthony Lyrics, the owner of CheckMyFlow just released the trailer for the brand new YouTube series #thePOETseries, which will feature a number of creative individuals (poets, singers, dancers, rappers and more) wearing Check My Flow clothing, while performing and being interviewed by host Ebony Hope. […]
  • ALIENS and D&D t-shirt designs from Gimmick Tees

    By Oana on August 20, 2013
    The first design, A BUGS DEATH, is a great mash-up design inspired by Pixar’s movie A Bug’s Life and the Alien movie franchise. No stand up fight here,just another bug hunt. Wyland / Yutani present – A Bug’s Death. Definitely rated R. The […]
  • Drew Millward hand drawn illustrations

    By Oana on August 14, 2013
    Drew Millward was born in 1981 in Coventry; he grew up in Bolton, studied and lived in Leeds for many years and now lives in a quarry in the Aire Valley. He has been drawing pictures since around 2004. Drew likes to draw […]
  • Anniversary GIVEAWAY from CX.CITY Clothing

    By Oana on August 14, 2013
    CX.CITY Clothing is celebrating a four year anniversary by giving away $200 worth of goods to one lucky winner.  In order to win, all you have to do is like their Facebook page  and  like & share this post. They will select a winner at […]
  • Cool t-shirt of the day #96

    By Oana on August 14, 2013
    It’s been a long time since I posted a cool t-shirt of the day, so the next design comes in handy for this category. You can find different versions of one design that are quite original in interpreting the skull element. You can […]
  • FIREFLY/SERENITY & DESPICABLE ME t-shirt designs from Gimmick Tees

    By Oana on August 12, 2013
    The first design from Gimmick Tees, for this week, is a beautiful Serenity/Firefly Browncoats design. It seems as though Whedon fans can’t get enough of these tees inspired by the short-lived cult-classic television show. It’s available on BLACK tee shirts. The second really […]
  • FinkGraphics from FitnessWear owner, Justin Finkelman

    By Oana on August 12, 2013
    Artist and designer Justin Finkelman chased this passion for drawing and art all the way to The University of Michigan where he studied Art and Design while simultaneously working on building clothing lines. One of his biggest projects was STROKE STREETWEAR, an urban streetwear line that made it […]
  • Favorite popular t-shirts inspired from tv shows

    By Oana on August 9, 2013
    The internet has no end, I swear  – everyday I find newer and cooler stuff than the day before and ask my self how is it that I didn”t know about it? As far as t-shirts are concerned, of course, I found a […]