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  • Good news from MKNK Clothing !

    By Oana on May 7, 2013
    A new product has just been added to the original collection of graphics that MKNK Clothing launched a couple of months ago. For the  classy folks out there, you can now buy leather wallets with one of the logo type designs that you […]
  • Gimmick Tees limited edition t-shirt

    By Oana on May 7, 2013
    wood working pdf div id=”yiv550585974yui_3_7_2_1_1363637178085_2515″> Gimmick Tees have a clever Star Wars version of the famous Saul Bass West Side Story poster titled DARK SIDE STORY offered as a limited edition tee shirt this week.Available to order with free shipping within the U.S.A. […]
  • Ambitious Collective first line

    By Oana on May 1, 2013
    Ambitious Collective is freshly launched and is out with 8 items, 5 screen printed tee shirt designs and 3  snapbacks. The concept standing behind the clothing line is that you should never back down from your endeavors and should never let anyone discourage you or bully […]
  • What's new at Bakso

    By Oana on April 30, 2013
    Bakso is an online platform where artists can upload their artwork for clothing printing. The aim of the platform is to work with the dynamic artists in order to produce the best garments available on the web. All t-shirts are of the highest quality, […]
  • Win a FREE Wardrobe of Graphic T-Shirts at DesignByHumans

    By Oana on April 29, 2013
    Spreeify lets people enter to win and shop for hand-curated delectables. Check out the promotions, find the latest product and participate by sharing. You have to hit the tipping point - you can also add your comments – or you can shop for brands […]
  • New Gimmick Tees

    By Oana on April 29, 2013
    Two new designs from Gimmick Tees - a Game of Thrones HODOR design and a classic WWE MEGA-BUCKS shirt, available to order with free shipping within the U.S.A. for one week only, through midnight, Sunday May 5th (PT). These are print-to-order and therefore limited edition t-shirts.
  • Always In need of New Tattoo Guns

    By Oana on April 29, 2013
    Kids will be kids, and they’re always getting up to something, usually some sort of trouble. Me and my friends were pretty tame, but we did get into amateur tattooing. Our parents hated it (after they found out). I would use pins and […]
  • Cristopher Lovell Portfolio

    By Oana on April 25, 2013
    Cristopher Lovell is a very imaginative, talented and resourceful artists and graphic designer, who has created many designs for Kid Rock, Electric Zombie, Iron Fist and various US bands. He is self-thought and adapts to the specifications of the clients. He also plays […]
  • Kapo Clothing Tribute line release

    By Oana on April 25, 2013
    Kapo Clothing keeps the goodies coming with the new 2013 t-shirt line “Tribute“, accompanied by an exquisite Lookbook . The designs are tributes to different movies or cultural references. I love the colors of the blank t-shirts – it”s refreshing to see pastels among so […]