Roach Graphic T-shirt Bundle: 119 ready to print graphics for only $43

119 t-shirt bundle for $43

One of my favorite illustrators featured in the designer section on Tshirt, Dan who goes by the creative name of Roach Graphics, is having a major sale on all his artwork, in the form of a bundle. There’s a massive collection of 119 high quality t-shirt prints that can build you an impressive t-shirt line, for only $43!

He is one of our oldest collaborators and one of the best selling creatives on the site since we opened this section, so he has been a big supporter of the Tshirt Factory projects.

His recent art hints at pop culture figures, but with a rather versatile style, depending on the subject, he also touches upon themes like cars and bikes, urban, sports, propaganda or motivational slogans.

Batmax-Tee-shirt-design-19750 Darth-Plumber-Graphic-design-20387 Deadrace-Tee-shirt-design-20435 Edward-Custom-t-shirts-19935 Minionpool-Tee-shirt-design-20298

The approach is both serious and humorous at times, with complex details or on the contrary, simple lines that focus on suggesting an idea rather than describing it. The illustrations can also be used for stickers as promo material for your t-shirt line, because many of them look like mascots or personified popular objects, such as a boombox, a stack of cash, a donut, a polaroid camera or a baseball ball.

Boombox-T-shirt-clip-art-18993 Cash-Rules-Shirt-design-18995 Polaroid-T-shirt-template-18991

I also love the old, vintage style of movie posters that you can use as promotional fliers:

Giant-Robot-Combat-T-shirt-clip-art-18618 UFO-T-shirt-design-17128

The normal price of acquisition for all graphics would cost you $2,153 but for a limited time you can slay the competition if you take advantage of the 98% discount.

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