Threadles summer sale: $10 t-shirts and 30% off on everything else

Threadless summer sale : $10 t-shirts

Summer time is great for many, many reasons. There’s vacations, sun, tans, parties, cocktails, great festivals and, as far as we are concerned, a ton load of t-shirt sales that are fantastic to take advantage of.

I knew the following sale was coming so was stalking the Threadless site for the news. So, here it is: Threadless summer sale, $10 t-shirts with illustrations from artists you admire, until June 24th. And I hope this is jut the beginning, since it’s only June.

Here’s some of our favorite items:

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For those not that impressed with t-shirts, you can also explore some new options, such as accessories or home goods products, that are 30% off:

Threadless summer sale

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