Designer of the Week: vector illustrator Fire Bolt

Designer of the Week: vector illustrator Fire Bolt

My attention was drawn by Fire Bolt‘s latest designs, that feature the vintage look on carefully drawn illustration, giving them that much loved distressed, fake old look that goes so well on t-shirt, especially on tri blend ones. So I had to grill him about how he became a designer and where he draws his inspiration from. I think this was the most straightforward interview I ‘ve ever had and I’m glad how some artist can be so clear about the work they do, choosing not to over complicate things. Here we go:

OANA: Please tell us more about your art and design background. What made you become a designer?

FIRE BOLT: The reason why i became a designer is because I like to draw by hand and digitally.

vector illustrator Astronaut-T-shirt-template-20829 Champion-League-T-shirt-template-22617

OANA: How or when did you start illustrating on a professional level?

FIRE BOLT: Actually, just a few years ago.

OANA: Where does your inspiration come from?

FIRE BOLT: My inspiration comes from books, internet, tv and from vintage/retro designs.

King-Of-The-Ocean-Custom-t-shirts-22676 Legendary-Longboard-Tee-shirts-22678

OANA: How would you describe your style?

FIRE BOLT: My style is free and more like a modern version of heraldic design.

OANA: What tools you use? Do you go 100% digital or is there paper involved?

FIRE BOLT: I’m using CorelDraw and Photoshop and i go 100% digital for the design process.

Outlaw-Tee-shirt-design-21564 Runs-On-Diesel-Tee-shirt-design-22534 Speed-Racer-T-shirt-design-22646

OANA: Is there anything that you specifically avoid using in your illustrations?

FIRE BOLT: yes, I avoid skull or evil stuff, because I’m a religious person.

OANA: What was the hardest job/illustration you have ever worked on?

FIRE BOLT: Maybe if my design includes many detailed illustrations, I think that’s the hardest part for me.

OANA: Can you name some of your favorite designs and why? (personal or from other designers)

FIRE BOLT: I like Straw Castle designs because he has very good vintage design style.

OANA: Any graphic designers you admire?

FIRE BOLT: Straw Castle, Craig Robson.

OANA: Any words of advice for anyone just starting out as an illustrator/graphic designer?

FIRE BOLT: Practice more often to get best results.

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