Words Brand-Interview

”No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”  This is what Robin Williams thought us before leaving this world. I really think that words have a powerful meaning upon us therefore I was in search of a brand that can express my love for words.   This is actually how I found out about WORDS BRAND , a T-shirt line that inspires people throughout the use of phrases and words.  I was so impressed by their idea that I wanted to get to know the ”masters behind the brand” , this is why I send them an email asking the crew to answer a few questions for our fans.  The purpose of this interview was to find out more about their awesome initiative and to convince our beloved fans that WORDS BRAND  is a company that needs our support and attention. 

1.  How did the idea of building a company start?
 We’re a group of designers and writers, and were looking for another creative outlet. We love minimalism, typography and witty words, and felt that there wasn’t an apparel company that was literally speaking (with words, not images) to designers, artists, writers, advertising and creative people.
2.  Have you ever imagined that your company would get so far? I mean shipping and having customers not only in USA.
Haha, no, we never thought things would take off and we would be shipping to countries all over the world. It is so gratifying that we receive pictures from fans not just in the USA, but also from South America, Europe, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Africa…all over the globe. It is also interesting because even though our t-shirt designs are all in English, it seems even non-english speaking countries still love our designs.
3. How would you describe your t-shirts in 3 words? 
Typography-driven witty, design-oriented
4. Why words and T-shirts? Did you strongly believe that words and T-shirts are a perfect fit together ? 
Yes, we thought they would work well together…to allow people to make a statement. Like we said in your first question…We love minimalism, typography and witty words, and we saw a lot of great t-shirts with awesome designs…but not so many with words that really spoke to us.
5. Who makes your incredible designs?
Thank you for the kind words. They are all written and designed in-house.
6. What makes you different from other T-shirts companies?
The fact that all of our designs are exclusively typography-driven, and speak directly to designers, artists, writers, advertising and creative people.
7. What are your plans for the future? 
Total world domination. No, seriously, to continue to offer unique designs that really speak to people in the creative community. Also, we have plans to expand into other types of apparel and accessories.
8. What would be your advice for young entrepreneurs that want to start a T-shirt business? 
Ah, yes. We’ll, there is no secret except for hard work and the passion to make it happen. You have to want it and just start. You can plan and plan and plan…but ultimately you just have to start and put something out there. Also, there are so many t-shirt companies that we think to stand out you have to have a unique approach and speak to a specific niche market. Know what your brand stands for and who your target audience is.
 The fact that they are really interested in the happiness of  their customers is shown in their SALE section where you can find amazing discounts. For example for any order over 50$ you get free shipping if you introduce  FREESHIPUS code at checkout. Believe it or not there are also a lot of other discounts for you, just like WORDS BRAND FACEBOOK page and they will keep you updated.
Words Brand
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Let’s help this amazing brand reach it’s total world domination ,because we could use some inspirational T-shirts in our daily lives !


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