Words Brand-Interview

”No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”  This is what Robin Williams thought us before leaving this world. I really think that words have a powerful…

Missing Link vs Exterminate from ShirtBattle

This battle is about to EVOLVE! Two very cool designs are changing the inherited characteristics of biological populations over successive generations! Or simply, Kicking some T shirt designing butt! This…

Cool t shirt #53

I found one of the most adorable t-shirts in a long time and it involves kitties! This is from Shirtwoot! and the royal blue is perfect for the design! zp8497586rq

Cool t shirt of the day #46

This impressive design was chosen by director Cristopher Nolan himself for  The Dark Knight rises competition on Design by Humans. Amazing! zp8497586rq

Cool t shirt #42

From DNR Clothing comes this cool Red Spartan t shirt inspired by the fierce and agressive soul spartan soldiers. They have the fight gear style all over their t-shirts that…