ARTEESTIC – Funny T-shirt Designs by Real Artists was born from the love for creative designs and cool urban fashion. Its founder, Stefan, wanted to create a hub for real artists who create street fashion through their art. Stefan is a web designer based in London with years of experience in digital projects and designing for the web, but he had never designed clothes until Arteestic. The challenge was to bring his creative ideas into the clothing industry and create cool, different tee designs with a statement. Mission accomplished – Arteestic launched with over 30 t-shirt designs in more than 10 colors, designed by different illustrators from around the world.

Each of the Arteestic designs has its own message and tells a story.

What’s the point in wearing something that doesn’t make an impression, just for the sake of not being naked? Life is too short for dumb t-shirts!” thinks Stefan.

You can find all sorts of crazy ideas: high rat, drunk skunks, queen zombie, owl drinking tea, mouse holding a human, hands forming a brain, etc. The site is another thing that I really love – the white background allows me to enjoy the designs, I can shop for my t-shirts by color and speaking of color,  I will say it again – I appreciate lines that add bright ones like orange, green, yellow and purple. I know grey works well with the majority of designs but many customers will also highly enjoy having a wider array of options. Each t-shirt has info about the fabric, delivery, care instruction and size chart – everything is made easy for you to know exactly what you are buying. As for designs, I love the Don Gorlleone and the Her Zombajesty ones.

The logo of the brand is a great piece of art, too, resonating with the idea of artistic t-shirts. Can you spot the pencil and the t-shirt?

They release one new design every week and you can always find some cheap buys in their SALE section. The best part – anyone can submit their t-shirt’s design and offer it in Arteestic’s marketplace, receiving a percentage of every sold item. 

ARTEESTIC – Funny T-shirt Designs by Real Artists

ARTEESTIC - Funny T-shirt Designs by Real Artists
Mouse Revolution
t-shirt designs
Galaxy Vibes
t-shirt designs
Celtic Tree
t-shirt designs
Her Zombajesty
t--shirt designs
Tea Party Owl
t-shirt designs
Don Gorlleone
t-shirt designs
Popeye the Gambler

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