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Tank Girl is related to Gorillaz

Tank Girl is a well known British comic series created by Jamie Hawlett and Alan Martin. The original drawing being made Jamie Hawlett, afterwords, being made by Rufus Dayglo, Ashley Wood and Mike McMahon.


Tank Girl

The cute thing about Tank Girl is that its first creator, Hawlett is always the creator of the Gorillaz characters.



The name of the character is very easy why it is given. The girl drives a tank and also lives in it.

Tank Girl Tshirt

Tank Girl Tshirt

The interest on Tank Girl was so big that even t-shirt designers had to include her into their collections and clipart. In Britain, there is a whole current in the s-shirt designing business regarding Tank Girl. The t-shirts are suitable with skinny jeans, leather jackets and big boots, just like a real punker would wear.

tank girl

Tank Girl Tshirt

Tank Girl is somekind of superhero, somekind of wonder woman, but with some slight differences. She is rude, she is slumpy but also so charming!

Tank-Girl Bad Wind Rising

Tank-Girl Bad Wind Rising

She is know to have different sexual orientation than people use to think it is normal. The illegal substances abuse make her also different from others, so she gets a lot of reaction. The comic centers on the adventures with her mutant boyfriend, Booga, wich is some sort of kangoroo combined with human geans.

TANK_GIRL_and Booga

Tank Girl and Booga

The design is influenced by the punk visual art. The taglines on this comic series are disorganized, anarchic, absurdist and psychedelic. The method used is very simple indeed, and includes collage, cut-up technique, stream of consciousness and metafiction. The interest for conventional plot is very little.


Tank girl Screen

Being originated on the mid 90s, the comic Tank Girl is nowadays of the underground culture in Britain, but, it became very popular in the rest of the Europe aswell. The word spreads that it became quite well known in the US too.


Tank Girl in action

Tank Girl represented a huge succes. When we say that, we have in mind exactly the movie made after the comic, in 1995. Names like Iggy Pop (as Rat Face) and Naomi Watts (as Jet Girl) were among the starring.

Tank Girl Movie Poster

Tank Girl Movie Poster 1995