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Posts tagged with ‘pop culture design’

  • The global UTGP competition: create a Nintendo t-shirt design for $10 000!

    By Oana on July 27, 2016
    UTGP 2017: Nintendo t-shirt design competition worth $10 000 Japanese video game giant Nintendo teamed up with t-shirt brand Uniqlo to bring you the biggest t-shirt design competition in the world. Uniqlo is known to launch the global competition since 2011 with a variety of themes, such aș Star Wars, Pixar, rock bands and more. This year the theme is […]
  • Samuel Milham’s Caffeine Junkies

    By Oana on July 1, 2016
    Pop culture characters before their morning coffee Lord help us it’s the last day of the week, the magical Friday and we had to start early. If you also had to put in some extra hours on the last day and feel beaten up, you are not alone. And I don’t mean us, I mean two dozen other famous characters […]
  • The most popular 17 sites to sell your pop culture designs on t-shirts

    By Oana on June 28, 2016
    17 sites to sell your pop culture designs We’ve been talking about t-shirts for a very long time and promoted a lot of independent brands and artists. We figure many of you who visit the blog are or want to become full time illustrators, t-shirt designers, or all around creatives. You can either practice your talent on paper or on […]
  • Threadless Cereal Box design challenge

    By Oana on May 13, 2016
    Cereal Box design Challenge It seems like Threadless has the best challenges, stimulating everyone’s imagination in the most fun way. This time, the creative exercise is focused on the breakfast of champions – cereals. On cereal box design to be more exact. It’s time to imagine your childhood dream box with your favorite heroes, your inspiring characters or top chocolate flake […]
  • Pop culture mashups in character illustration

    By Oana on March 8, 2016
    Alex Solis ‘Icon Unmasked’ Alex Solis has always been a favorite graphic designer and illustrator of mine. I think my first post on this blog was about his portfolio, at the time. I started exploring this industry and what makes it great by looking up info on the internet, of course, and Alex Solis was one artist that I liked […]
  • Bring out the creative nerd inside for the latest Threadless challenge!

    By Oana on September 25, 2015
    Nerd design contest from Threadless It’s time to nerd out. You have the perfect opportunity to prove that Nerds basically rule the world. Not jocks or cheerleaders, bullies or prom kings. Yeah, it seems we’re going back to high school a little bit, to get into the mood of this challenge. Because we’re talking about a Threadless design contest, launched […]
  • The best GROOT T-shirt designs

    By Oana on September 3, 2014
    People are going ape-shit over the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and you can tell it is extremely popular by the number of t-shirt designs that feature the very lovable character Groot, who is one of our personal favorite. Which is why we looked up and down for some of the best t-shirts combining his memorable phrase with a variety […]
  • Cheshire Cat t shirt graphics

    By Oana on May 13, 2011
    The Cheshire Cat is one of the main characters in Alice in Wonderland. Who hasn’t heard of Alice in Wonderland? It’s only one of the most important stories in the cultural patrimony of the world. Written by Lewis Carroll in 1885, Alice in Wonderland quickly became one of the most important bed night stories, although, in my opinion, it really is a […]