Pop culture mashups in character illustration

Alex Solis ‘Icon Unmasked’

Alex Solis has always been a favorite graphic designer and illustrator of mine. I think my first post on this blog was about his portfolio, at the time. I started exploring this industry and what makes it great by looking up info on the internet, of course, and Alex Solis was one artist that I liked and loved instantly, one I have been following ever since.

So, it’s with great satisfaction to see that he has lived up to expectations, and he was not just a fleeting figure. If you haven’t heard about him, please take a moment to read his About section, on CargoCollective.com. Most of his series have gone viral over the years, such as Signs & Doodles, Inkteraction or Famous Chunkies.

His latest collection was everywhere at the end of last year and I promised myself I would also feature it here. Can’t believe it has taken me so long to show you these great illustrations from my favorite artist, Icons Unmasked.

As you may guess, the series features a boat load of famous characters, most of them cartoon characters, but there are also many comics, fairy tales characters or even real people that reveal themselves as other very similar characters, their somewhat personality doppelgangers. It’s basically what everyone loves most: pop icons mashups.

I can relate to most of them, and they’re somewhat so obvious, but there are some that I must confess don’t really understand the references to. Like the Mega Man one, anything with pokemons, or the one with the Man in the Yellow Hat. Hints in the comments would be more than appreciated.

What I love most right now, given the latest events at the Oscars, is the Leonardo one, unmasked as the coveted statue. Pretty intuitive, right?

Let me know which one is your favorite, and don’t hold back on the reasons why you like them.

I think this series is hilarious but can never decide which one is his best. Check out his portfolio to see more of Solis’s work.

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