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Cheshire Cat t shirt graphics

The Cheshire Cat is one of the main characters in Alice in Wonderland. Who hasn’t heard of Alice in Wonderland? It’s only one of the most important stories in the cultural patrimony of the world. Written by Lewis Carroll in 1885, Alice in Wonderland quickly became one of the most important bed night stories, although, in my opinion, it really is a kinda little creepy story, so I don’t recommend it to little children. Always thought of it more like a grown-up story.

Well, the thing is that it is one of my fav stories, and the Cheshire Cat is my top character of all of them. And not because he is actually a cat and has that evil feature. I like him coz it has a very cool design. The design has variations, but still it respects some basic rules, such as: the stripes on the cat and that sneaky smile. Well, the thing is that the Cheshire Cat is the fav character of a lot of people. So, the talented ones created their own images of this character. Here’s just some of the Cheshire Cat t shirt designs:

Cheshire Cat t shirt graphics

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THE ceshire

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