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Posts tagged with ‘illustrators’

  • Buckle up ! Threadless needs your votes ! ! !

    By Oana on March 7, 2012
    Threadless launched a few election-inspired t-shirts with great candidates that will have people choosing sides – good ones no matter who they go for. It’s all about who you want to stand beside when the end of days comes. Each purchase of the design will be a vote for the respective team. Who are you rooting for ? Buckle up […]
  • Threadless + GAP = Love for designers

    By Oana on February 27, 2012
    Threadless keeps doing the great stuff for the design community and this time they have teamed up with Gap. Yes,they are taking everything to a new level by partnering with a big company like that which will exclusively sell Threadless t-shirts on their site and selected stores around the US! We've been warned about this project in early January but […]
  • Converse and Gorillaz: Converse team up with the Gorillaz for their new footwear design

    By Oana on February 23, 2012
    They have a very nice project called “Three Artists. One Song” and, like the name suggests, they bring together 3 artists to deliver an original track, leaving their mark in music as well. If previous artists included Matt and Kim, Soulja Boy and Andrew WK, this time Converse are lining up the Gorillaz, James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, and Andre 3000 from Outkast. […]
  • Great t shirt exhibition – Next for The Outpost Project

    By Oana on November 11, 2011
    As we mentioned in a previous post, there is a great festival happening in Australia right now, called The Outpost Project, which features numerous exhibitions, activities, events, artist competitions and many more all directed towards creating a complete idea of Street Art. The industrial spaces of Sydney have become the premises for an impressive display of the world’s most comprehensive […]
  • Inspiring graphics of the day

    By Oana on November 10, 2011
    Because there are so many talents out there and such great sources of inspiration that we come across every day, we decided to introduce another section on our blog called Inspiring graphics of the day, in which we show a series of 5 awesome illustrations, t shirt designs or prints from all over the Internet. We hope you will enjoy our […]
  • Artist of the week – Peachbeach illustrators

    By Oana on November 9, 2011
    Today we are starting a new section on our blog, called Artist of the week. As the name suggests we will feature one artist or a group of artists that made an impact on the graphic industry, or that are up and coming or to whom we took a special liking for subjective but highly justifiable reasons. We will have […]
  • Round-up from Design by Humans

    By Oana on September 5, 2011
    Just like any other great community, Design by Humans is active and expanding, always bringing something new to the table. We have some reprints and the latest t-shirt models.We also took a peek at the designs running in the contest. There are so many great ideas that need to be brought forward. This is why communities like design by humans […]
  • Surrealism graphic images

    By Oana on July 13, 2011
    Graphic designers have always loved surrealism images, because they have a way in triggering your imagination and making you think further in the future. Surrealism graphic images are a combination of the old and the new… It is kinda odd, if you think about it, but this is the way I see is, and I am sure, this is the […]
  • Holiday t shirts – Easter is eggcellent!

    By Oana on April 20, 2011
    Hello you graphic design duds our there! How are you doing in this magic period of time? Feeling the holidays? No? Oh, c’mon, you must feel just a little bit happy coz Easter is coming up and everything has to be jolly and cheerful. Right about now is also the time when you receive gifts. Btw, did you think about […]