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Posts tagged with ‘dead’

  • Cool design of the day – Santa Muerte T-shirt

    By Oana on November 11, 2014
    Cool design of the day – Santa Muerte T-shirt I almost forgot how cool Santa Muerte t-shirt designs were. This one from DesignByHumans is truly inspiring – elegant, dark and seductive, a print that works best on black t-shirts. It is also among the alltime top 50 tshirt from DesignbyHumans, hand painted by artist Brian M Viveros. He is a […]
  • Print Isn’t Dead Magazine – An ode to Printing processes

    By Oana on November 6, 2014
    People of Print magazine launched the first issue of a now series PRINT ISN’T DEAD Element 001 back in August and the project was met with great success. Predictably enough, they announced their Kickstarter for Element 002. This time around they have pre-planned stretch goals which include extra spot colours, more pages and a higher volume print run. For more […]
  • Deadburydead sale – 30% off everything

    By Oana on August 13, 2014
    Big Deadburydead sale Have you heard the news? Deadburydead sale are here ! A lot of printed t-shirts for hipsters with awesome graphic design or with a simple and nice typography, abstract templates but very colourful.. All can be founded at reasonable prices at DeadBuryDead. Save some cash with this Back to School sale! Take 30% off everything on the site with code: SCHOOLDAZ, […]
  • Illustrator tutorial: Death Goddess from Adobe

    By Oana on August 1, 2014
    Illustrator tutorial : Death Goddess by Adobe Here’s how to create a clean and detailed tattoo-style design, in Adobe Illustrator. For this Illustrator tutorial you will use the pressure sensitive ‘Blob Brush’ and you’ll learn different techniques to add detail. This is extremely useful if you want to save time but not compromise in terms of quality. You will learn […]
  • ShirtBattle tshirt designs get into the Halloween spirit

    By Oana on October 14, 2013
    Halloween season is settling in rather nicely in the t-shirt business,  featuring the brain hungry creatures that we love to dress as: zombies.  ShirtBattle has two tshirt designs with this theme, which will prove rather difficult to choose from. I like the “Zombie brains” design, of course. The more decomposition, the better. Pick a winner here.
  • Shirt Battle weekly awesome tshirt designs

    By Oana on October 7, 2013
    ShirtBattle is the brainchild of two serial entrepreneurs Robert Lassers (founding partner of bride.com and ExpoSites) & Ed Primm (owner of CreativeMotionDesign). The reason and ideas behind the project are very nicely summarized by the two: ” T-shirts are a statement that is deeply personal to the wearer. It is the modern day sandwich board that declares to the rest of the […]
  • Cool t-shirt #68

    By Oana on August 23, 2012
    I’ve been coming across a lot of t-shirts that I am crazy about and this is one of them, as I am a huge fan of  “The Walking Dead”. You can have this one with a chilling zombie graphic for 22 euros from  A-Better-Tomorrow.  
  • 8Bit Zombie tshirts straight from 80s

    By Oana on March 28, 2012
    8Bit Zombie tshirts It’s obvious to everyone who knows about Tee Madness that the challenge is centered around getting exposure and letting people know about you. This is the case for me as far as 8 Bit Zombie is concerned. I knew I saw their designs and read about them somewhere but I don’t know how their link to the store […]
  • Cool t shirt #8

    By Oana on February 16, 2012
    The theme of death omens continues with a fantastic t-shirt design from RedBubble  based on the King Arthur myth. This cool t shirt is called Kings.
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