8Bit Zombie tshirts straight from 80s

8Bit Zombie tshirts

It’s obvious to everyone who knows about Tee Madness that the challenge is centered around getting exposure and letting people know about you. This is the case for me as far as 8 Bit Zombie is concerned. I knew I saw their designs and read about them somewhere but I don’t know how their link to the store got lost in my bookmarks. I found them again because of the mention “championship” and I want you to have a look at these great zombie designs as well.

They put on their designs the nice touch of the ’80s and you can have some nostalgic fun on their site with all those 8 bit links. It’s cool because they chose to live in the past of the ’80s, one of the most popular periods. It’s where Internet culture draws most of its inspiration from.

Therefore, you can vote for them on TeeMadness; I see they are going strong and they deserve it!

8 Bit Zombie t-shirts

8 Bit Zombie t-shirt line ! ! !
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8Bit Zombie tshirts
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