Hide Your Arms brand new t-shirts !

A little bit late, but I wouldn’t have missed the chance to post about one of the most resourceful t-shirt sites that keeps us all up to date with this…

Victory Clothing's daring style

Victory Clothing have an urban, grunge style with their t-shirts that may look extremely familiar to some of you, and especially to us. We love the combination of graphics and…

Arm The Animals to be more human!

Having and managing a t-shirt line is a big deal, requiring sacrifices, investments and perseverance. Which is why we try to feature and encourage everyone, especially people that gave up…

Cool t-shirt of the day #63

I have no idea what this effect is called but I totally love it – makes for one sexy t-shirt and the chick is so hot! Get it from Enclothe.

Cool t-shirt of the day #61

Many of you who follow the blog know that I have a soft spot for LaFraise t-shirt designs. This fresh one is exactly why I just love what they feature.