Cool t shirt #54

Designbyhumans must have guessed how badly I like oriental themed graphics and put this designs up. Show it some love here! Cool t shirt of the day:

Cool t shirt #53

I found one of the most adorable t-shirts in a long time and it involves kitties! This is from Shirtwoot! and the royal blue is perfect for the design! zp8497586rq

Cool t shirt #52

I grew up with TMNT so this cool t shirt design is right on point for me. It's available today at ShirtPunch. zp8497586rq

Cool t shirt #50

The grunge, used-up look of a designs makes for  a very cool t shirt for all vintage lovers. You can find this one at fsctees. zp8497586rq

Cool t shirt design #48

If you are aware of our affinity for skulls, you understand why we chose this interesting design. They say they know what you like already. De nada! Cool t shirt #48 zp8497586rq