Religious t-shirt designs !

Remember the Middle Ages? Or, as I like to call it: The Evil Ages. Well, you’ve seen movies about the Dark Ages, you’ve read books about those nasty times when they burned you at the stake if you didn’t praise the Lord or the Holly Church. The word was for sure not religion, but terror. They seemed to forget what God was all about and made themselves Gods. Today, things run a little bit different. People seem to be free from all religious standards. If they believe in God and everything related to Him, it’s entirely up to them. This is a good thing, in my opinion, because God should be more about love and less about constraint.

Of course, nowadays, people sell about everything, and this is not necessary a bad thing. As you might have guessed, it’s all about t-shirts. Religion had its way of finding its way even in the t-shirt business. This being said, I’ve found some really cool religious t-shirt designs on the Internet.  I think it is worth mentioning that we, Tshirt-Factory, have some religious t-shirts as well.

Not to be misunderstood, when I say religious t-shirts, I don’t necessarily refer to those ‘I love Jesus’, ‘Jesus loves me’ type of graphics. No Sir, we have much more imaginative designs in mind that those boring old things. Some of the t-shirt designs that we like are most likely to be heretical or even offensive, but we love vector art in every way, so we don’t get scared and don’t think we’ll go to hell because of this.

Religious t-shirts !

Religious t-shirts !
Russian roulette or Religion roulette? 🙂 Hmm…

religious t shirts

So, wanna see what religious t-shirts we have created? Take a look at these ones! Ok, I admit, there is nothing religious about the designs, but…

religious t shirts
Saints grow old too
This is what happens to you if you don’t believe!
The ones that make you blush
Religious t-shirts !
Tshirt-Factory t-shirt design also…

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