Cartoon art – Prince William’s wedding

I was only a child when Princess Di dies… but I can remember it as it was yesterday. I remember that I watched the whole ceremony live at TV and I also cried. Well, time passes by, and, along with it, people grow old. So did one of her son’s, William. He is now a grown man and ready to marry. Good for him, I say. I am not going to comment on his choice or on anything of a kind, because, the Tshirt-Factory blog is not about gossip. This blog is about art.

What is has prince William in common with art? Well, some great designers decided that they should put his life into a some graphic art.  They drew about anything, from cheezy jokes about the costs of the wedding and the British people paying for it. They also drew about Prince’s Williams’ life (how he lost his mother when he was just a child or what has he done since that tragic event happened).  Then, they drew about the actual love story between William and Catherine Middleton.

Did I say no gossip? Ok, just a little bit… The thing about royal weddings is that everybody tries to be the most important thing at that wedding. It does not matter if the person in question is not the one who is getting married. Everyone should be in the spot lights and should look absolutely ravishing. This is exactly why this artists chose to make a cartoon art from it. The whole word knows about it, and I bet that again the whole world will be watching live the wedding, as they did back in the days when princess Di went to heaven.

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